Mimi Kantor’s Bio

Mimi’s PDF Resume

Known by her colleagues and friends as a born producer and systematic organizer. Mimi has developed a media and technology consulting career through a combination of practical experience, self-learning and formal education. Raised in suburban Connecticut by an artist mother and salesman father, her ability to relate with both the creative and pragmatic has made it possible for her to be an affable manager able to bridge the gap between the deeply technical and the rest of us.

Mimi KantorHer career has spanned a variety of businesses from working in special events for such notable companies as World Cup USA 94 as part of the National Organizing Committee in Los Angeles and the 92nd Street Y in New York City. In 1995, an office mate asked Mimi to help out on a short video that would be used to promote a theatrical puppet production called La Pulcina. Mimi caught the media production fever and has since worked on many small independent pieces with friends and even an interactive game called The Ripper.

By 1994, Mimi had settled in New York City where she worked a few odd jobs in music, film and marketing. After a short stint at Faith Popcorn’s (Faith coined the terms Cocooning and Trend Tracking – remember that?) marketing consultancy, Brain Reserve where she discovered that branding is not just about a catchy tune and a pretty picture but about strategy, design, research, planning and maybe a little luck. This producer/planner was finally able to combine her love of art and business as the Studio Manager at Gruber Photographers, Inc., a very high-end wedding and special event photography studio. During her five years with Gruber Photographers, she was able to establish billing and contract management procedures that allowed the business to standardize rates and contracts with both clients and photographers. With this new financial infrastructure in place, Gruber Photographers was able to hire more employees, increase sales volume and provide higher production value. Years later when Mimi called up the studio to hire a photograher for her own wedding, she discovered that most of the processes she had established were still in place.

By 2003, Mimi found herself at a crossroads, either continue in the event business or find her way in the interactive space. With her diverse background in production, financial management, art and business to propel her forward, she enrolled in the The School for Public Engagement to get a M.A. in Media Studies. While a full-time student, Mimi found a job as Director of Business Operations at a small but mighty non-profit called Change for Kids which has a mission to provide supplemental arts and educational programming to a few public elemetary schools in New York City. Because of Mimi’s influence and skills, Change for Kids now has the legacy of a solid financial tracking system for expenses, donations and investments.

Since graduation she has used her her professional background and multimedia skills to design print materials, build websites and write copy for several sole proprietors and small businesses. While building her own small business she was contracted by ASD Labs, inc., an interactive agency as an Interactive Producer for a year to work on several larger website builds.

In 2008, life took an interesting turn and Mimi found herself relocating to Boston, MA. While at a friends holiday party, she got to talking with a Drupal developer friend who casually suggested she get in touch with the owner of Database Designs because he was looking for a Project Manager. By early 2009, Mimi had joined the well-known technology consultancy as a Web Project Manager. By 2010 this position morphed into CRM Practice Manager and Nonprofit Technology Consultant. In these dual roles, Mimi has worked with nonprofit clients on projects ranging from gathering requirements for Performance Management systems to a consumer intake helpline that supported the Universal Health Care law implementation here in the Commonwealth to generalized donation management along with helping to architect a helpline for substance abuse information, just to name a few. Most of the systems are implemented using the Salesforce.com Nonprofit Starter Pack platform. In this role, Mimi was usually the first person to meet with a client, assess the needs or study an RFP, then carry through the business development aspect by creating the proposals and/or statements of work and defining timeline and budget needs. Finally, she would manage the project though the implementation process by translating the business analysis into a plan the developers could follow and carry out. Many of these projects involved moving from other platforms such as CiviCRM, DonorPerfect, Filemaker, Microsoft Access, ETO by Social Solutions, Excel or Sage to Salesforce so she can speak fluent data.

This June 2014, Mimi made a professional change after being offered an opportunity to work for ROI Solutions, Inc. In this new role as Technical Account Manager, Mimi hopes to deepen her understanding of complex data management and enjoy an opportunity to work with national non-profits on their fundraising efforts.

She continues to provide pro bono consulting time, build WordPress websites and edit videos for friends and a few small non-profits as well.