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Boston, MA | (646) 554-9965
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Mimi’s media and technology consulting expertise grew from a combination of formal education and ‘trial-by-fire’ practical experience. Raised in Connecticut by an artist mother and salesman father she has a strong ability to relate with both creative and pragmatic situations equally.

Mimi Kantor After a short stint working in special events for the World Cup USA 94 National Organizing Committee Los Angeles, Mimi came back East to New York City where her previous experience with Non-Profit Special Events, Film and Marketing, she was able to take on the role of Studio and Account Manager at Gruber Photographers, Inc., one of the premier wedding and special event photography studios in the country. During her five years with Gruber Photographers, she was able to streamline the billing and contract management procedures that allowed the business to standardize rates and contracts with both clients and photographers. This updated financial infrastructure gave Gruber Photographers the space to hire more employees, increase sales volume and provide higher production value to all of it’s clients. Years later when Mimi called up the studio to hire a photographer for her own wedding, she discovered that most of the processes she had established were still in place.

While completing a M.A. in Media Studies at The New School for Public Engagement, Mimi worked with Change for Kids as Director of Business Operations where she honed her skills in financial management developing a legacy financial system for tracking expenses, donations and investments ultimately saving the organization thousands in fees paid to a management company. After graduation, her career as a web project manager took off as she built her own sole proprietorship while also freelancing with ASD Labs, inc., a small WordPress shop, as an Interactive Producer.

In 2008, Mimi moved to Boston where she connected with Database Designs, a well-known local non-profit technology consulting company. When Mimi joined Database Designs as a Web Project Manager she worked mostly with the Drupal and WordPress platforms. At that time, Database Designs was starting to build a practice around the Salesforce/Force.Com platform for managing both program based and fundraising data. Many organizations were switching to online solutions from various server based databases. This business transformation created an opportunity for Mimi to take on a new role implementing and converting about 100 organizations to updated technology. Many of these projects involved moving from other platforms such as CiviCRM, DonorPerfect, Filemaker, Microsoft Access, ETO by Social Solutions, Excel or Sage to Salesforce.

After Database Designs closed up shop in 2014, Mimi joined ROI Solutions, Inc, a CRM/Data Warehouse designed to house large data sets for National non-profits. As a member of the Client Services group, Mimi enjoys the opportunity of continuing to work in the non-profit space as the interface between the client and the technical folks on the ROI staff.